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PCIe DRV11-WA Interface

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The DCE-4100 is signal and connector compatible with Digital’s DRV11-WA and DR11-W. Users can unplug their external equipment from their older PDP-11, VAX, MicroVAX or Alpha system and plug directly into a PCI Express (PCIe) slot in new Itanium servers offered by Hewlett-Packard. The DCE-4100 is a high performance, DMA, general purpose 16-bit user interface controller. It requires only a single PCIe slot allowing use of multiple modules in a workstation. The DCE-4100 is offered as a hardware product only. The software driver is offered by Digital Consulting Services.


High Speed General I/O Application

Use the DCE- 4100 to connect a workstation to external user equipment such as data acquisition, A/D, telemetry or industrial control equipment supporting a DR11-W or DRV11-WA compatible interface.

High Speed Parallel Computer Link

Use the DCE- 4100 to provide a high speed parallel data link to another system supporting a DR11-W or DRV11-WA compatible interface.

Long Line and Noisy Environments

Use the DCE- 4100’s differential interface to provide reliable operation over long distances or in noisy environments.


High performance

The DCE-4100 provides a sustained throughput of four megabytes per second through the use of:
– On-board input and output data buffering.
– Improved user interface timing.

Provides an easy migration path

The DCE-4100 is a plug and play solution for users migrating from older Digital systems with applications written using the XADRIVER driver.

Space saving

The DCE-4100 requires only a single PCI Express slot allowing use of multiple modules in a server.

Optional differential interface

In addition to the standard single-ended interface, the DCE-4100 accommodates differential interface applications through the use of an optional adapter panel compatible with Digital’s M9056 and H3029 units.


Compatible with any PCIe full height, half length slot in HP Integrity servers. HP Integrity Server Blades packaged in c3000 or c7000 enclosures will accept the DCE-4100 in a PCIe mezzanine slot.

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