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The Logical Company designs, manufactures, sells, and supports products to assist Digital Equipment (DEC) customers in updating their MicroVAX and PDP-11 systems to our state-of-the-art  hardware, software and diagnostic-compatible replacement  systems.

Our experienced engineering staff has over 25 years of experience designing products for the DEC marketplace. Some of our earlier products include:

PDP-11 Products Univerter, Qniverter, DEC-compatible asynchronous controllers, cache memory, and bus adapters.
VAX Products DEC compatible synchronous and asynchronous controllers, general purpose controllers, and bus adapters.
AlphaServer Migration interfaces for DRV11-WA, DRV11-J, DRQ3B, and DRB32 along with software drivers for OpenVMS, Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems.


Helping DEC Customers Modernize

NuVAXLogical provides new technology solutions for DEC customers with difficult-to-maintain PDP-11 and MicoVAX systems. We specialize in assisting customers running real-time applications such as process control, data acquisition and transaction control by providing compatible systems for their specialized applications. PDP and VAX emulation is becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies trying to reduce cost while updating legacy hardware.

NuVAX Replacement Systems NuPDP Replacement Systems
Our NuVAX systems replace aging MicroVAXs. Using NuVAX, real-time applications run with a new CPU, memory, I/O controllers and mass storage devices while retaining all existing software. Compatible I/O controllers are available for DRV11-WA, DRV11-J, DRQ3B, DHV, and IEQ11. Our NuPDP systems replace aging PDP 11 Qbus and Unibus systems. Using NuPDP, real-time applications run with a new CPU, memory, I/O controllers and mass storage devices while retaining existing software. Compatible I/O controllers are available for DR11, DR11-W, DHU, and IEU11.


Providing Excellent Support and Service

The Logical Company was incorporated in the state of Oregon in April 1988 and is privately owned and operated. We provide high-quality products with prompt and friendly service. Our products are sold worldwide through distributors and from our corporate office in Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA. The experienced staff of The Logical Company is dedicated to being satisfied only when we know we have served our customers well. In everything we do we strive to serve our customers better – not merely to meet customer expectations but to exceed them.

Our purpose is to be responsive to our customer’s service needs. We accomplish this by providing a full one-year limited warranty on all of our hardware products, a product exchange program, and a short repair turn-around time. All of our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee.   Never heard of us?  Check out our list of satisfied customers.

"In everything we do, we strive to exceed expectations" - Les Wellington, President

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