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Digital Replacement SystemDEC Replacement Systems

Our NuVAXNuPDPq and NuPDPu Digital (DEC) replacement systems allow you to free yourself of the maintenance and overhead of your aging VAX and PDP-11 systems. You can retain your investment in application software and I/O equipment with these hardware, software and diagnostic compatible replacement solutions.

    Get these features

  • Improve performance
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve hardware reliability
  • Retire old, hard-to-maintain DEC disks and tapes

    Without losing these

  • Keep your existing real-time applications
  • Works with your specialized I/O interfaces
  • Retain your expensive process control, data acquisition or telemetry equipment

Customize your system

In addition to our DEC replacement systems we offer interconnect kits, option modules, accessories, and spare components to help you migrate and keep your systems running for decades.

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