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DRV11-J Controller available in PCI Express

By James Wellington on September 10, 2013 in Customer News, Visitor News

DCE-1400 Product ImageThe popular DRV11-J interface controller is now available for PCI Express. The DRV11-J, is a 64-bit general purpose input / output  device developed by digital equipment corporation capable of handling real-time responses making it also useful for sensor I/O applications.  It’s been used to connect external equipment to Digital’s MicroVAX, VAX, PDP-11, and Alpha servers running the versatile and reliable VMS and OpenVMS operating systems used in military and industrial applications around the world.

Today the industry is migrating to software compatible systems such as NuVAX, NuPDP and  HP’s Integrity servers. The DRV11-J Interface for PCI Express developed by The Logical Company (DCE-1400) is a hardware, software and diagnostic compatible replacement to the DRV11-J. This provides a solution for those looking to migrate to the HP Integrity systems and connect their legacy equipment to these newer resilient systems for mission-critical environments.

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