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NuVAX 4400 System
All new technology VAX replacement
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MicroVAX / VAX Replacement Systems

Our Digital (DEC) VAX replacements are complete state-of-the-art systems that replace the VAX and MicroVAX CPU, memory, disks, tapes, and I/O controllers. The NuVAX replacement systems are built on an industry-standard platform, offering complete hardware and software compatibility.

NuVAX Options for DEC Modules

Option modules are plug-and-play replacements for popular legacy Digital interfaces. Option modules install in a NuVAX 4400 system and offer the same functionality as the Digital equivalent, allowing users to migrate from their Qbus systems to our NuVAX systems and maintain their investment in software and user equipment. This makes NuVAX the only complete real-time VAX replacement system on the market. Qbus interconnect kits, drives, accessories and spares are also available.  See option modules and accessories below.

Bus Adapter Interconnect Kits

Logical’s interconnect kits are for NuVAX 4400. These adapter connect your NuVAX to your existing BA23, BA123, BA200 or BA400 chassis.

NuVAX Drives

Available removable system and data drives for the NuVAX systems.

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