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Parallel interface with 64 I/O data lines for PCI express
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Dual programmable timer for PCI express
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Dual programmable timer for PCI
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PCI Controllers

For over 15 years The Logical Company has been designing PCI controllers for a variety of applications including timers, synchronous serial devices, bus adapters and parallel I/O controllers. These devices are designed to meet the specific requests of our customers who generally have requirements not readily available on the open market.  Logical is able to meet these requirements in a timely and cost efficient manner by designing products to meet the customer’s unique requirements and within the customer’s schedules.

Discontinued PCI Products

Please note that the following Logical products have been discontinued:

  • BCI-2004-A
  • BCI-2104-A
  • DCI-1100-A
  • DCI-1300-A
  • DCI-1400-A
  • DCI-3100-A
  • DCI-4100-A

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