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DRV11-WA Interface

DR11-W Option Module

DEC DR11-W Module Replacement (M8716)

DUP-1100 Data Sheet

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Product Description

DEC DR11-W, DR11-B Option Module (DUP-1100) works with Logical’s NuPDPu system to allow users to migrate from a Unibus system to a PCI-based system while maintaining their investment in software and user equipment.

The DUP-1100 installs into a single PCI slot and connects to the NuPDPu bus adapter and, optionally, other UP option modules by way of top-edge flat ribbon connectors. The DQP-1100 only requires DC power from the slot.

The DUP-1100 is a plug and play replacement for Digital’s DR11-W and DR11-B general purpose controllers. The DUP-1100 provides a 16-bit parallel user interface for PIO and DMA transfers between a Qbus system and external equipment. It can also serve as a link between a Unibus system and another computer with a DRV11-WA or DR11-W compatible interface.

The DUP-1100 is hardware and software compatible with Digital’s DR11-W (M8716). It offers 22-bit addressing capability and permits data transfers at rates up to 400 Kbytes per second in burst mode.

High Performance. The DUP-1100 provides a sustained throughput of 400 Kbytes per second.

Software Compatible. The DUP-1100 is application and diagnostic compatible, providing a direct replacement for the DR11-W and DR11-B.

Hardware Compatible.

  • The DUP-1100 is signal and connector compatible with Digital’s DRV11-WA allowing use of existing user cables and equipment.
  • The DUP-1100 can also be configured to be signal and connector compatible with Digital’s Unibus DR11-W.

Easy to Maintain. The DUP-1100 is compatible with Digital’s DR11-W XXDP diagnostics.

Long line option. The DUP-1100 can accommodate differential interface applications through the use of an optional adapter panel compatible with Digital’s M9056.

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Additional Information

Cable Length

Long Line, Standard Line

User Applications

General I/O Application, Parallel Computer Link, Long Line and Noisy Environments

  • DRV11-WA Module
  • Cable Adapter Panel
  • 8′, 100-pin Connection Cable
  • Three BA200/400 cable adapters (Long line only)
  • Loopback Test Cable

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