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Dual-Port Ethernet Module

Dual-Port Ethernet Module

DEC DELQA / DELUA module replacement

Compatible with Digital’s DELQA, DEQNA, and DELUA Ethernet adapters, provides two ethernet ports, higher performance and reliability.

CEI-2000 Data Sheet


Product Description

The DEC DELQA / DELUA Module Replacement (CEI-2000) is an Ethernet adapter for NuVAX and NuPDP systems. It can emulate the function of Digital’s popular Ethernet controllers to enable higher-level software protocols, such as DECnet and TCPIP, to communicate over an Ethernet network. The CEI-2000 provides two Ethernet ports while occupying a single option slot.

The CEI-2000 conforms with the IEEE Specification 802.3 for Local Area Networks:

  • Transmit/receive data at 10 or 100 Mbits/sec
  • Perform packet serialization, formatting, Manchesterencoding, and multiple retransmission
  • Generate and check a 32-bit CRC for each packet
  • Interface with the Ethernet transceiver
  • Perform DMA transfers to and from host memory

User connection to the CEI-2000 is via standard category-5 Ethernet cables. In addition, the CEI-2000 works with both 3.3V and 5V PCI buses, allowing the board to be installed in any available PCI slot of a NuVAX or NuPDP system.

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