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IEQ11 Interface

IEQ11 Option Module

DEC IEQ11 module replacement (M8634)

DQP-3100 Data Sheet

DQP-3100 Owner’s Manual

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Product Description

The IEQ11 Option Module (DQP-3100) works with Logical’s NuVAX 3400 and NuVAX 4400 systems to allow users to migrate from a Qbus system to a PCI-based system while maintaining their investment in software and user equipment.

The DQP-3100 installs into one PCI slot and requires only DC power from the slot. When used for dual channel operation, a second I/O panel slot is required. The DQP-3100 connects to the NuVAX bus adapter and, optionally, other PCI-based Qbus option modules by way of a top-edge flat ribbon interconnect cable.

The DQP-3100 is a DMA controller that interfaces a Qbus system to two independent channels that are compatible with both the IEC and IEEE instrument buses. The instrument buses conform to both the European Standard IEC 625-1 and the U. S. Standard IEEE 488.1-1987. Each instrument bus can have up to fifteen devices, including the DQP-3100, in a sequential configuration.

Each independent channel of the DQP-3100 provides system controller, controller-in-charge, talker, and listener capabilities. Termination of data transfers are by E.O.I., byte count, or by match characters.

IEEE and IEC Compatible. The DQP-3100 supports both the U.S. standard IEEE-488.1 and European IEC 625-1 standards.

Two Independent Channels. The DQP-3100 supports two independent channels providing flexibility for a variety of applications.

Software Compatible. The DQP-3100 is application and diagnostic compatible providing a direct replacement for the IEQ11-A.

Hardware Compatible. The DQP-3100 is signal and connector compatible to Digital’s IEQ11-A allowing use of existing Digital cables and panels.

Switch Compatible. Switch settings are identical to the IEQ11-A switches for ease of use.

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  • DEC IEEE 488 / IEC 625 Option Module
  • IEC 625 Panel Insert for second port
  • Module Interconnect
  • IEC to IEEE 488 Cable (2)
  • Loopback Test Cable

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