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IEQ11 Replacement Module – M8634

IEQ11 compatible IEC/IEEE 488 Q-bus interface

DCQ-3100 Data Sheet

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Product Description

The IEQ11 Replacement Module – M8634 (DCQ-3100) is a DMA controller that interfaces a Q-bus system to two independent channels that are compatible with both the IEC and IEEE instrument buses. The instrument buses conform to both the European Standard IEC 625-1 and the U. S. Standard IEEE 488.1-1987. Each instrument bus can have up to fifteen devices, including the DCQ-3100, in a sequential configuration.

Each independent channel of the DCQ-3100 provides system controller, controller-in-charge, talker, and listener capabilities. Termination of data transfers are by E.O.I., byte count, or by match characters.

The DCQ-3100 is software and hardware compatible with Digital’s IEQ11-A Q-bus controller and can be used as a direct replacement.

The DCQ-3100 is a quad-width controller that supports both 18-bit and 22-bit Q-bus operation and can be installed into a variety of Digital systems including MicroPDP-11, MicroVAX II and MicroVAX III.

Installs in MicroPDP-11 and MicroVAX II systems and can be used with Digital cables and panels or with Logical’s IEC and IEEE panels.

IEEE and IEC Compatible
Compatible with both the U.S. standard IEEE-488.1 and European IEC 625-1 standard.

Two Independent Channels
Supports two independent channels providing flexibility for a variety of applications.

Software Compatible
Application and diagnostic compatible providing a direct replacement for the IEQ11-A.

Hardware Compatible
Signal and connector compatible with Digital’s IEQ11-A allowing use of existing Digital cables and panels.

Additional Information


Controller only, Loop back cable


BA200, BA23/123

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