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NuPDPq Qbus System

PDP-11 replacement system in a Qbus chassis

PDQ-2200 Data Sheet

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Product Description

Now you can upgrade your real-time application with a modern, easy-to-maintain system that allows you to preserve your investment in hardware and software while improving performance and lowering operating costs.

The NuPDP 2200 consists of a new technology Qbus chassis containing the NuPDP 1200 engine that replaces your PDP-11 CPU, memory, and mass storage devices.

Your current PDP-11 disk images can be transferred onto our PDP-11 replacement system running your existing operating system and applications.

You can move up to five of your specialized Qbus controllers into the NuPDP system or replace them with our brand new, re-designed controllers. We offer state-of-the-art Qbus controllers for DRQ3B, DRV11-J, DRV11-WA and IEQ11 interface requirements.


  • Obsolete disks and tapes
  • High maintenance costs
  • Aging, unreliable equipment


  • Existing PDP-11 applications
  • Specialized Qbus I/O interfaces
  • Your Qbus form factor
  • Packaging and cables


  • Speeds up to 25 times the speed of a PDP-11
  • New equipment warranty
  • High performance disk

Qbus Support

  • Support for multiple Qbus devices
  • Follows all Qbus rules and specifications
  • Both Qbus PIO and DMA data transers are supported as well as all four Qbus interrupts
  • Qbus PIO and DMA data transfers occur at maximum Qbus speeds; throughput is limited only by the Qbus device(s)

PDP-11 Compatibility

  • Software compatible with existing applications
  • Hardware compatible
  • Diagnostic compatible

Additional Information

Processors Supported

PDP-11/03, PDP-11/23, PDP-11/53, PDP-11/73, PDP-11/83, PDP-11/93

Disk Controllers Emulated

QDA50, RLV11, RLV12, RQDX3, RQZX1, RX21, RXV11

Disk Drives Emulated

RA60, RA70-73, RA80-82, RA90, RA92, RC25, RD31-32, RD50-54, RL01, RL02, RX02, RX33

  • NuPDPq on a Board
  • Qbus Chassis with 5 quad-width slots available
  • NuPDPq software license
  • Serial console cables (9 and 25-pin)
  • Slides for rack mounting

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