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NuPDPu 4200 System

Enhanced PDP-11 Unibus Replacement System

PDU-4200 Data Sheet

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Product Description

NuPDPu 4200 is a modern, industrystandard system that replaces the PDP11 chassis, CPU, memory, and mass storage.  Your current PDP11 disk images can be transferred onto a NuPDP system running your existing operating system and applications.You can select from a variety of new technology controllers such as the DR11W, DR11C, DELUA, and DHU to replace popular legacy Unibus interfaces.  When a new interface is not available for your application, you can choose to retain your interfaces in a Unibus chassis connected to the NuPDP, or we can design a replacement interface.


  • Obsolete disks and tapes
  • High maintenance costs
  • Aging, unreliable equipment


  • Existing applications
  • Specialized Unibus I/O interfaces
  • Packaging and cables


  • Speeds 25 times faster than a PDP-11
  • New equipment, new warranty
  • High performance disk

Unibus Support

  • Support for multiple Unibus devices
  • Follows all Unibus rules and specifications
  • Both Unibus PIO and DMA data transfers are supported as well as all three Unibus interrupts
  • Unibus PIO and DMA data transfers occur at maximum Unibus speeds; throughput is limited only by the Unibus device(s)

PDP-11 Compatibility

  • Software compatible with existing applications
  • Hardware compatible
  • Diagnostic compatible

Additional Information

Processors Supported

PDP-11/04, PDP-11/10, PDP-11/20, PDP-11/24, PDP-11/34a, PDP-11/44, PDP-11/45, PDP-11/60, PDP-11/70, PDP-11/84, PDP-11/94, PDP-1140

Disk Controllers Emulated

RC11, RCF11, RH11, RH70, RK11D, RK611, RL11, RX11, RX211, UDA50

Tape Drives Emulated

DL11+TU58, KLESI, M7454, PC11, RH11/RH70+TE16 or TU45 or TU77, TA11, TC11, TM11, TS11, TSU05

Software Supported

RSX-11M, RT-11

PDP-11 Memory

4 MB

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