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RQDX3 Optical Controller

RQDX3 Replacement Module Plus Optical Disk Control

Qbus SCSI controller that supports existing SCSI hard drives and SCSI CD / DVD optical drives.


DCQ-2300 Manual

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Product Description

The DCQ-2300 is a drop-in replacement for the DEC RQDX3 disk controller. Like the RQDX3 controller, the DCQ-2300 provides an interface to SCSI hard drives, and in addition, the DCQ-2300 provides an interface to a CD or DVD optical drive.

The DCQ-2300 accepts MSCP commands and converts them to standard CD and DVD commands for reading and writing to CD and DVD media.

Key Features:

  • Drop-in replacement for the RQDX3 disk controller.
  • Supports new, modern optical drives.
  • Supports locking of optical drive tray.
  • Supports booting from hard drive or optical drive.


  • VMS version 5.5-2 operating system software with the F11CD ECO kit and the DEC DUDRIVER
  • DEC MSCP commands.
  • CD-R, DVD-R and DVD+R media.


Note: Not MDM diagnostic compatible.


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