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RS232 ESD Product Photo
FAB-1001 Assembled - Line Splitters and Panel Sold Separately

RS232 ESD Line Splitter Package

Rack mountable RS232 line splitter including external power supply and installation guide.



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Product Description

The RS232 line splitter (CPX-1504) receives RS232 signals from an input source and drives these signals to four RS232 output sources. The input and output connectors are 25-pin.

The module contains LED displays to monitor DC power and channel activity. The DC power indicator is located above the DC power input connector. Activity indicators are Clock (C), DCD (R), and Data (D) are located in the upper left corner of the panel.

Electrostatic Protection
The CPX-1504 is designed to protect the transmission lines from over voltages caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical fast transients (EFT).

Physical Description
Up to five CPX-1504 line splitters can be mounted in a metal-recessed enclosure for mounting in a 19-inch RETMA frame.

Each CPX-1504 unit supports four 25-pin connectors for output and one 25-pin connector for input. The input connector is labeled “I” and the output connectors are labeled “A” through “D.” Input and output connectors are mounted horizontally with the input connector toward the bottom of the panel. The DC power input connector is located at the left of the enclosure and is labeled “DC.”

Additional Information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 7 x 3 in

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