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We have been serving the DEC marketplace for over 25 years and are specialized in migration of Digital computer systems. We work with local value added resellers to quickly access your VAX or PDP-11 systems including I/O devices and provide a DEC migration solution that meets your needs.

In addition, The Logical Company provides custom DEC design services as well as custom integrated designs. We have over 25 years of experience in hardware design, software development and production of our designs. See a few of our satisfied customers below.

  • Unibus and DMAC controllers

    Unibus and DMAC controllers

    Lockheed Martin

    Replacement controllers including a Unibus controller, DMAC controller and a customer-defined controller for the Qbus.

  • Windows-based Bus Test System

    Windows-based Bus Test System

    Lockeed Martin STS

    Designed a complete Windows-based system with bus test system to replace Lockheed’s QBus system for the LANTIRN program.

  • Unibus Real-Time Clock

    Unibus Real-Time Clock

    US Navy

    Replaced a Unibus real-time clock with a PCI clock as part of a technology refresh project (using NuPDP) for...

  • RS422 Line Splitter

    RS422 Line Splitter

    FAA and Raytheon Systems

    Working with our customer Raytheon Service Co., Logical designed an RS422 line splitter for use by the FAA for...

"In everything we do, we strive to exceed expectations" - Les Wellington, President

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