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DEC Custom DesignsDEC Custom Designs

Modernize your legacy DEC controller, make it compatible with your PCI or PCIe system.

The Logical Company’s engineers have been designing DEC-compatible interfaces and drivers for more than 30 years. Our designs go back to one of the first PDP-11 emulator systems and the Univerter and Qniverter products. We have produced controllers for the Unibus,Qbus, Turbochannel, and PCI and PCIe buses.

We use modern design and manufacturing methods to create modern versions of dated and obsolete DEC controllers.

We can help provide a solution if:

  • Spares are no longer available for your Unibus, Qbus, or VME controllers.
  • PCI or PCIe (PCI Express) versions of an older controller are needed in a modern system.
  • A proprietary or DEC interface is needed to integrate with one of our controllers. Read more…

30 years experience with the following DEC Interfaces


"In everything we do, we strive to exceed expectations" - Les Wellington, President

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