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Logical’s Design Process

The Logical Company utilizes the latest tools and technologies to make our design process efficient and effective. We follow ISO-9001:2008 standards to ensure control and continual improvement of our products and processes.


The planning stage is a critical component to the success of development projects. We perform an assessment of technical feasibility, identify design inputs and resources and provide our customers a design service estimate. We capture all the product requirements on a data sheet and provide for customer review and acceptance prior to development.

Idea Screening Concept Development
Market research Technical feasibility Project Quality Plan
Assessment ROM / Financial viability Identify inputs
Customer request Capability to product and market Design Service Estimate
Data sheet / requirements
Customer acceptance

Electical Design Planning Documents

Design Process


The development stage begins after customer acceptance of the data sheet and all requirements have been properly defined and agreed upon. Our engineers get to work designing a prototype which includes PCB hardware, FPGA design and any software or mechanical assemblies needed in the design. Our technical writers work closely with the engineers to create user manuals, reference guides and internal test instructions.

Hardware Software Mechanical Publications Material (prototype)
Component research Diagnostics Fabrication & silkscreen User Manual PCB and Components
PCB, FPGA Design Application and Utilities Cables Reference guides Fabrication
Bill of Materials JTAG Documentation Review Cables
Simulation & Test Modules Documentation Review Assembly
Documentation Review Review

Electical Design Files

Verification, Validation and Release

Our designs go through a stringent verification and validation process to ensure a quality product to our customers. We develop internal diagnostics for each design and also utilize boundary-scan with JTAG software to identify manufacturing defects and perform functional testing on critical components. We validate our products either at our factory or in the customer’s application to ensure the prototype meets all the customer’s requirements.

Verification Validation Release
Verification Plan & Report Validation / Acceptance Plan Production documents
Hardware verification Internal validation report Press release, website, price list
Software verification Customer Validation Report Training
Review Review
Ship product

Monitor and Improve

The Logical Company is committed to on-going customer service and we pride ourselves on building quality products and strong customer relationships. We work closely with our customers to monitor the success of the project and look for areas to continually improve our product and processes to help us exceed our customer’s expectations.

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