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Simpact Controller ICP

Simpact Controllers

Note We are no longer able to build Simpact controllers due to obsolescence of many parts on the boards.  If there is sufficient market demand, we can re-design the PCI or Qbus controllers using modern technology and components.  Please contact us if you have interest in a newly designed ICP2432 (PCI) or ICP3222 (Qbus) interface for your application.


Simpact’s ICP2432 is a programmable serial data communications processor that links legacy and specialty protocol networks to PCI-based computers. The ICP2432 functions as a front-end processor for real-time, mission-critical applications and off loads high-speed data communications tasks which otherwise consume host processor capacity.

The Logical Company purchased the rights to manufacture and sell the ICP2432 controllers. We offer controllers for existing applications using the ICP2432 on Digital Alpha Systems. Logical does not supply software drivers or support new applications using the ICP2432. Two basic models are offered, a four port that handles single-ended and differential signaling and an eight port model that supports RS232 single-ended signaling. In addition each model is available for use with OpenVMS or for use with Digital UNIX. It is important that applications have the required driver and be able to port it to a new system.

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