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Choosing a VAX EmulatorEmulating a MicroVAX 3300

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) developed the VAX computer in the mid-1970’s. These systems are still in use today running behind the scenes in commercial,industrial, and military applications around the world. Replacing these systems with modern technology is usually a multimillion dollar capital investment. Emulating these VAX systems, while maintaining hardware and software compatibility with existing infrastructure, can reduce this to a fraction of the cost.

How to choose VAX emulator solutions?

Emulate VAX CPU and storage devices
Emulate VAX CPU and storage devices
Supports VAX Ethernet
Limited serial devices
Emulate VAX CPU and storage devices
Supports VAX Ethernet
Supports serial devices
Supports DEC and custom Qbus I/O controllers
Real-time servicing of interrupts

VAX EmulatorReal-time VAX Emulation

The Logical Company doesn’t just provide a VAX emulator, it provides the only complete real-time VAX replacement system on the market. We specialize in providing solutions for industrial and military application needing a system to handle data aquistition, process control, industrial automation, automated test equipment (ATE), or transaction control. We have more then 25 years of experience, and are available to help your during this transition.

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