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Users Can Supercharge Old DEC Systems without Disrupting Operations

12 September 2016MVX-1200 263x175

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At the start of Autotestcon 2016, The Logical Company is pleased to announce new low-cost replacements for aging DEC VAX and PDP systems. Many DEC users have found it difficult to migrate to newer technology without sacrificing decades of investment in hardware and software. The Logical Company today announces NuVAX 1200 and NuPDP 1200, state-of-the-art single-board replacements for legacy VAX and PDP systems. Packaged with a new processor, memory and hard drives, Logical’s embedded board design allows users to “drop a new engine” into existing Qbus chassis.

Preserve Expensive Applications and Devices

Migration to newer hardware has been particularly difficult in military, industrial, and scientific fields that depend upon specialized controllers. Thousands of VAX and PDP systems still use Qbus controllers to interface to expensive process control, test, and data acquisition equipment. Legacy software applications and specialized Qbus equipment will operate without disruption with the affordable new 1200 versions of NuVAX and NuPDP. These models:

  • Support all Qbus devices
  • Follow all Qbus rules and specifications
  • Support all four Qbus interrupts
  • Support both Qbus PIO and DMA data transfers
  • PIO and DMA transfers occur at maximum speeds
  • Throughput is limited only by the existing Qbus device(s)

Hassle-Free Installation

Applications are transferred in their existing binary form onto the self-contained hard drive of the 1200 models. Neither recompilation nor re-certification is required.

Improve Reliability and Performance

NuVAX 1200 and NuPDP 1200 will replace the aging devices below with a new CPU, memory and disks, thus increasing performance while simultaneously saving both power and space:

  • DELQA Ethernet port
  • TK50/TK70 virtual tape drives
  • DLV11 serial console port
  • DLV11 serial terminal/printer port
  • VAX: RQDX2, RQDX3 and KDA50 virtual drives
  • PDP: RLV11, RLV12, QDA50, RQDX3, RQZX1, RXV11, RX21 drives

The NuVAX and NuPDP Product Families

The Logical Company provides a broad range of solutions for the thousands of mission-critical DEC systems remaining in operation today. In addition to the new 1200 single-board replacements, Logical offers:

  • NuVAX 2200 – A 1200 board packaged with a new Qbus chassis
  • NuPDP 2200 – A 1200 board packaged with a new Qbus chassis
  • NuVAX 4400 – An x86-based total system replacement including PCI versions of DEC Qbus controllers (e.g., DELQA, CXY08, DHV11, DRV11, DRQ3B, IEQ11)
  • NuPDPq 4200 – An x86-based total system replacement including PCI versions of DEC Qbus controllers (e.g., DEQNA, CXY08, DHV11, DRV11, DRQ3B, IEQ11)
  • NuPDPu 4200 – An x86-based total system replacement including PCI versions of DEC Unibus controllers (e.g., DELUA, DHU11, DH11, DL11, DZ11, DR11, IEU11)

Immediate Availability

The NuVAX 1200 and NuPDP 1200 are now shipping.  NuVAX and NuPDP are manufactured by The Logical Company and sold by distributors throughout North America and EMEA.  For more information or to locate the distributor nearest you, call or write to Lynda Jones at 1-919-929-3599 or or visit our web site at

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