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Unibus Adapter plus Two KW11-K Clocks

Unibus Adapter plus Two KW11-K Clocks

Unibus adapter module with two internal KW11-K clocks.  Allows connection of external Unibus modules to a NuVAX or NuPDPq system. It additionally provides two programmable clocks. KW11-K clocks can be disabled.

AQP-2303 Data Sheet

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Product Description

Unibus Adapter Module with two internal KW11-K clocks (AQP-2303)  is an option module that allows connection of external Unibus modules to a NuVAX or NuPDPq system. It additionally provides two programmable clocks.

The AQP-2303 consists of a single slot PCI controller, a Unibus I/O bulkhead panel, a dual-width Unibus module and cables.

The AQP-2303 installs into a single PCI slot and connects to the bus adapter and/or other option modules by way of a top-edge flat ribbon connector.

The Unibus module installs into Unibus connectors A and B of an expansion chassis backplane or user’s equipment, replacing the Unibus-In cable. Up to 19 Unibus loads are supported in a Digital Unibus-compatible expansion chassis.

The AQP-2303 provides two dual programmable Digital software-compatible KW11-K real-time clocks. Each of the clocks provide a 16-bit programmable A clock and an 8-bit programmable B clock. Connection of the clocks to user equipment is via a DB25 connector on a PCI I/O bulkhead.

Provides a migration path
The AQP-2303 allows users to migrate to high performance systems NuVAX or NuPDP systems retaining their Unibus I/O without loss of function or performance.

Provides full Unibus Support
The AQP-2303 provides complete support for:

  • Unibus PIO data transfers including read word, data- input-pause, write word and write byte.
  • Unibus DMA data transfers including read word, write word, and write byte.
  • Supports Unibus interrupt levels: BR4, BR5, BR6. Consult the factory for custom solutions if BR7 is required.

Unibus Termination
The AQP-2303 provides Unibus termination for one end of the Unibus. The user must ensure the Unibus is terminated at the end of the Unibus within the expansion chassis or user’s equipment.

Unibus Parity
Unibus parity signals PA and PB are terminated but otherwise not supported by the AQP-2303.

  • Unibus Cable Adapter Module
  • Cable Adapter Panel
  • 8′, 100-pin Connection Cable
  • Module Interconnect
  • KW11-K Loopback Test Connector
  • DEC Hardware / software compatible

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